Week 8 Homework – Due 11/2/23

1. Read

  1. Book Bomb Part 4, pgs 141-241
  2. BookHiroshima (Read as much as you can. You’ll finish for homework next week.)

2. Watch

1. MovieUnbroken

You can rent this movie on Amazon. It’s rated PG-13. There is one moment of male backside nudity. If you want to skip it, it happens between 1:07:40 and 1:08:39 of the movie.

3. Writing

Your presentation and summary are due next time we meet – NOVEMBER 2.


Prepare a 5-minute presentation on your hero. Format of presentation is your choice.

** Bring a picture of your Hero **


Write a summary of your American Hero. Your summary will be 3 paragraphs long.

Write your paragraphs using the outline you created from your keynotes in class. Be sure to cite your sources in your paragraphs. You should cite from all 3 sources that you used in your research.

Please include all your sources on your Works Cited page. Be sure to add your Works Cited page at the end of your summary.

All citations and your Works Cited page should be in MLA style.

Be sure to have your Writing Mentor review your work before you bring it to class!

Use MLA paper format — 12 pt font, Times New Roman, double spaced

Here are the videos if you need a reminder of how to cite your sources:

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