The Great Depression … World War II … Civil Rights … 9/11 … These events (and many more) have shaped our nation over the last 100 years. And along the way, the promises made at the founding of our nation have been continually tested, creating generations of heroes out of everyday men and women.

Starting with World War I and ending in our current day, this class will help you explore how our country went from an isolated experiment in government to a world super-power. You’ll gain new perspectives of modern pivotal events as you read first-hand accounts and listen to riveting speeches, watch the first talkies of the 20s and listen to 60s protest songs. You’ll discuss what caused experiments in governments and economics and culture to succeed and fail. And you’ll catch a glimpse of living in these moments through activities and simulations.

For the English writing part of the class, you’ll also learn how to research and write a full-length, college-level paper. Finding valid sources (online and offline), note taking, citations, avoiding plagiarism, outlining, and rewriting will be covered.

Assignments & Expectations

As with most things in life, what you get out of this class will be directly proportional to what you put in.

This is a master level class, and the expectation is that you will show up prepared and engaged each week.

Prepared means that you will have completed the readings, have your typed writing assignments ready to hand in, and be ready to engage in the class discussion and activities.

Each week you’ll have one or more of the following assignments. Because this is a master level class, you should expect to spend 4 to 7 hours a week on your homework.


Chapters from History of US

Assigned books, Speeches, and Articles


Listening & Watching

YouTube videos


Movies & Documentaries


Note taking


Essay writing assignments

Larger Projects


Research Papers

Writing Mentor

You are required to have a writing mentor for this class. Your writing mentor should review each writing assignment before you turn it in (from single paragraphs to full drafts of research papers). Please be courteous and give them plenty of time to review so you can make revisions before turning in your final assignment.

We are excited to have you in our class! Buckle your seatbelts … because we are about to go on a crazy tour through modern American history!

Sister Perkey & Sister SIlva