Week 7 Homework – Due 10/26/21

We talked about note-taking in class.

Remember – There’s lots of great ways to take notes. In addition to words and lists, you could consider drawing pictures in the margins to help you think about and remember what your read.

Here’s a short video on visual note-taking:

1. Read

  1. History of US Chapter 34-37, pgs 148-167.

2. Book Bomb Part 3, pgs 88-138

3. Speech – Read Franklin D Roosevelt’s speech – The State of the Union Address – 1941 – “Four Freedoms Speech” (Handed out in class)

We will be doing a document study next week! As you read, specifically look for:

  • Historical Context — What’s the reason for the speech? What is FDR trying to accomplish?
  • Audience — who is FDR speaking to? Why does that matter?
  • Vocabulary — words you don’t know or that are interesting (look up definitions!)
  • Allusions (references) — to the Bible/Shakespeare/other?

2. Watch & Listen

1. YouTube

World War II Part 2 – The Homefront: Crash Course US History

2. Listen

Listen to the 2-part podcast from American History Tellers called “The WWII Home Font” (about 2 hours total) – Season 21 – Episode 1 & 2

You can find the podcast HERE.

If you are new to the American History Tellers or podcasts in general, once you are on that page, you will need to search for the title “WWII Home Front” to find the episodes that you need to listen to.

3. Writing

Last time, you selected your American hero from World War II to do your presentation and written summary. Your summary will be 3 paragraphs long.

Your summary and presentation will be both be due November 2.

This week, your assignment is to take key notes on the sources that you found. Remember to take note of WHICH source your information comes from as you take your key notes.

Be sure to grab a quote or two as you go so you can add those in as well.

Bring a printed copy of your notes to turn in. (Remember to type with your name, date, and assignment title.)

Print your key notes SINGLE SIDED!

NOTE: We’ll be doing an activity in class with your key notes. You will want to make sure you bring them so you can participate!

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