Week 9 Homework – Due 11/9/23

1. Read

  1. History of US Chapter 28, 38-43 (pp. 124-125, 168-187)
  2. Book – Hiroshima – Finish reading the entire book.

2. Watch

  1. Video – The Fallen of WWII

Note: This video was made in 2015, so some of the ages listed at the very beginning are out of date. A soldier who fought in WWII would now be in their 90s.

Also, the current conflict in Ukraine has significantly changed the conversation around “the long peace” mentioned at the end of the video.

3. Prepare for the Simulation

There are three steps to prepare for the Atomic Bomb simulation:

1. After reading the short summary of the person you are assigned, write a short response ( one paragraph) how you feel about that person’s position about dropping the Atomic Bomb.

2. Research your assigned person and prepare to represent them in the discussion

3. Now that you’ve done research, write a response to your previous paragraph (also one paragraph).

  • Do you agree with what you wrote?
  • Have you changed any part of your opinion?

(It’s okay if you haven’t, but you still need to write something about what you now think.)

Bring your thoughts to class to turn in.

You do NOT need to share these paragraphs with your Writing Mentor!

4. Pick a Research Topic

Time to pick a topic for the research paper you’ll be writing next semester!

This week, you need decide what you’ll be writing about.

You can pick any topic as long as it meets these criteria:

  • Focuses on something in the United States
  • Between WWI and the present day
  • A History topic and not current events

Review the possible topics we handed out in class.

Remember your research will not just be a summary of events. Instead, you’ll be asking a question, and your paper will “prove” the answer to the question.

After you have a topic, write a purpose statement (on page 9 of your Research Paper workbook).

Bring your Purpose Statement to class. You’ll be meeting with Sister Perkey or Sister Silva individually to review your plan.

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