• Week 18 Homework – DUE 3/7/24

    Bring your laptop to next class. You’ll be working on your research paper the entire time!

    1. Read

    2. Most Dangerous: Daniel Ellsberg and the Secret History of the Vietnam War
    Part 2: pg 119-214

    2. Research Paper

    Keep writing your messy rough draft.

    Homework is light this week. Dig deep and get lots of writing done. 🙂


    Here’s the Essay Paper Rubric if you need to reference it.

    As you write, don’t forget to make note of where you are pulling your information so that you’ll be able to cite your sources later.

  • Week 17 Homework – DUE 3/3/22

    1. Read

    1. History of US – (Book 10)
      Ch 29, 137-143

    2. Most Dangerous: Daniel Ellsberg and the Secret History of the Vietnam War
    Part 1: pgs 1-115

    2. Watch

    1. Movie: On the Basis of Sex

    This movie does a great job of portraying a key point in Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s life. She later become the second women to become a member of the Supreme Court. She died in 2020.

    2. YouTube Videos
    History of Women’s Rights and the ERA

    The following videos take you through the history of Women’s rights, starting in the middle of the 19th Century up to history that just happened in 2021. We will be doing several activities in class related to this information.

    It will take you about about 60 minutes to watch all of these videos. There is also a statement to read from 1978 from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints regarding the church’s stance ERA. The church reconfirmed their stance in 2019.

    Finally, there’s a short video that explores whether the balance has swung too far and now women have more advantage than men.

    Reading Break

    Before you watch the rest of the videos, please read the statement by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints from 1978.


    Current History

    In 1919, bills were introduced in several states to become the 38th state to ratify the ERA. Utah was one of them. The vote in Utah did not pass.

    This video is a news report while the bill was being debated.

    NOTE: As you watch, notice that several women from Big Ocean speak out against the bill. Big Ocean is a non-profit run by Carolina Allen, an ASA parent. And Grace Garn (also part of Big Ocean) is a former ASA student.

    3. Research Paper

    Time to start writing your rough draft (or continue if you’ve already started)!

    Your first time through will be MESSY. Don’t feel like you have to start at the beginning and write straight through. Use your outline to figure out where you want to start.

    You have two weeks to work on this rough draft. We expect you to have at least 6 pages (double spaced) of rough draft material by then.

    As you write, don’t forget to make note of where you are pulling your information so that you’ll be able to cite your sources later.

  • Week 16 Homework – DUE 2/22/24

    1. Read

    1. History of US – (Book 10)
      Ch 19-26, 97-127
      Ch 30-34, 144-164

    2. Prepare for Document Study

    Next week in class, we will be studying the “I Have a Dream” speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Please watch him give his speech while you read the speech. (This version has been colorized, and the sound has been amplified. The original is in black and white.)

    (If you left your printed copy of the speech in class, please print out a new copy for yourself so you can write on it.)

    Then reread and annotate the speech. As you read, look for words or sentence structure or repetition that stand out or you think are effective.

    When you are finished a second time, consider “Why do you think King’s use of language is effective?”

    3. Watch

    Movie: Selma (This PG-13 movie contains quite a bit of language and some strong violence. We strongly recommend watching it on VidAngel.)


    Documentary: Bridge to Freedom

    4. Research Paper

    Keep moving forward on your research paper.

    If you were able to categorize your notecards and created a working thesis in class, now use your cards to create a full outline.

    • See examples on pgs 19 & 20 and 38 of your curriculum for examples PLUS your two student samples in student packet
    • If you have some cards that no longer fit your thesis, put them aside.
    • You may discover that you are missing information, do NOT make notecards for more articles. Instead, you can do “spot research” to fill in a gap and make one or two more cards. Be sure to keep track of your sources.


    If you did not have enough notecards in class, finish making your notecards (100 is about the right amount) and bring them to class to categorize.

    • Review your subjective (how/why) question often. Make sure you are researching the question and not getting side tracked.
    • Focus on quickly finding, reviewing, and then (using ChatGPT) creating your key notes

    Bring your laptop to class next week. We will be working on outlining + writing a rough draft in class.

  • Week 15 Homework – DUE 2/15/24

    1. Read

    1. History of US – (Book 10)
      Ch 12-16, pgs 64-87

    2. Warriors Don’t Cry
    Ch 13-End

    2. Watch

    3. Research Paper

    1. Watch the video below. (Yes, it’s 26 minutes long but I PROMISE it will make everything easier with your research paper. Here’s a link to the Steps to Writing a Research Paper that I’m referencing.
    2. Create ALL of your key note cards/sticky notes. Be sure to number or color-code your cards.
    3. Bring your stack of notes to class. (If you feel ready to move on to outlining in addition to this assignment, great! But otherwise, this is the homework this week.)

    You will probably have approximately 100 cards/stickies if you do this assignment correctly.


  • Week 14 Homework – DUE 2/8/24

    The homework has changed from what we talked about in class!

    Bring your computer AND research AND keynotes to class next week.

    (We’ll hope the internet is fixed. If it isn’t, see if you can figure out how to use your computer with a phone hotspot if possible.)

    In our upcoming class, we’ll be doing a Writer’s Workshop — where you get the entire time to work on outlining your research paper.

    So this week, focus on getting as much of your research done as possible.

    There’s no other homework — no reading, no videos, etc — so that you can focus on doing your research.

    Research Paper

    1. Write a working thesis for your research paper.

    ** Meet with your writing mentor to review and revise your thesis statement. **

    NOTE: You may want to consider sharing your keynotes with your writing mentor ahead of time so they have a chance to review your research. Schedule enough time with your mentor to talk about your research so they can help you revise your thesis.

    2. Spend as much time as you can researching and collecting key notes.

    The more research you have, the easier it will be to work on outlining your paper in class.

  • Week 13 Homework – Due 2/1/22

    1. Presentation


    Research and prepare your presentation.

    No more than 5 minutes. Does NOT need to include a “game” or “activity” – but look for ways to keep the class’s interest as you share.

    Check what topic you signed up for here.

    2. Read

    1. History of US – (Book 10)
      Ch 10, pgs 54-59
      Ch 35,165-169

    2. Warriors Don’t Cry
    Ch 7-12

    3. Watch

    Movie: Hidden Figures

    4. Research Paper

    Continue working on your research and key notes.

    DUE NEXT WEEK: Bring a copy of all your key notes to turn in.

    Check out the full research paper schedule.

  • Week 11 Homework – Due 1/18/24

    It’s WINTERIM! Enjoy your holidays and this longer break.

    1. Read

    1. History of US – (Book 10)
      Ch 1-2, pgs 9-22
      Ch 11, pgs 60-63
      Ch 17-18, pgs 88-96
      Ch 27, pgs 128-132

    2. Fallout: Spies, Superbombs, and the Ultimate Cold War Showdown by Steve Sheinkin

    2. Watch

    Movie: Bridge of Spies – Available to rent on Amazon.
    This is a FABULOUS true-story movie that stars Tom Hanks.

    3. Listen

    Podcast: American History Tellers

    Find their 6-part series on the Cold War.

    You can find the podcast HERE.

    If you are new to the American History Tellers or podcasts in general, once you are on that page, you will need to search for the title “Cold War” to find the episodes that you need to listen to.

    4. Research Paper

    1. Print out your question and purpose statement and put it where you can look at it every time you start doing research

    2. Begin researching your paper and work on creating your working bibliography.

    3. Start creating key notes based on your research.

    NOTE: If your paper purpose statement and question are not solidified, continue to email the mentors for clarification during the break until you get it solid! It needs to be approved before you start to do research.

  • Week 10 Homework – Due 11/16/23

    1. Read

    Note: Because we missed a section of History of US last week, we are playing a little catchup.

    1. History of US
      (Book 9) Chapters 28, 38-43 (pp. 124-125, 168-187) AND 44 (pp 188-189)
      (Book 10) Chapters 3-5 (pp 23-35)

    2. Watch

    BONUS VIDEO – Because Gail Halverson is a Utah Native, take a few minutes to get to know him a little bit better.

    3. Finalize a Research Topic

    Based on the feedback you received in class, refine your topic, research question, and purpose statement.

  • Week 9 Homework – Due 11/9/23

    1. Read

    1. History of US Chapter 28, 38-43 (pp. 124-125, 168-187)
    2. Book – Hiroshima – Finish reading the entire book.

    2. Watch

    1. Video – The Fallen of WWII

    Note: This video was made in 2015, so some of the ages listed at the very beginning are out of date. A soldier who fought in WWII would now be in their 90s.

    Also, the current conflict in Ukraine has significantly changed the conversation around “the long peace” mentioned at the end of the video.

    3. Prepare for the Simulation

    There are three steps to prepare for the Atomic Bomb simulation:

    1. After reading the short summary of the person you are assigned, write a short response ( one paragraph) how you feel about that person’s position about dropping the Atomic Bomb.

    2. Research your assigned person and prepare to represent them in the discussion

    3. Now that you’ve done research, write a response to your previous paragraph (also one paragraph).

    • Do you agree with what you wrote?
    • Have you changed any part of your opinion?

    (It’s okay if you haven’t, but you still need to write something about what you now think.)

    Bring your thoughts to class to turn in.

    You do NOT need to share these paragraphs with your Writing Mentor!

    4. Pick a Research Topic

    Time to pick a topic for the research paper you’ll be writing next semester!

    This week, you need decide what you’ll be writing about.

    You can pick any topic as long as it meets these criteria:

    • Focuses on something in the United States
    • Between WWI and the present day
    • A History topic and not current events

    Review the possible topics we handed out in class.

    Remember your research will not just be a summary of events. Instead, you’ll be asking a question, and your paper will “prove” the answer to the question.

    After you have a topic, write a purpose statement (on page 9 of your Research Paper workbook).

    Bring your Purpose Statement to class. You’ll be meeting with Sister Perkey or Sister Silva individually to review your plan.