Week 6 Homework – Due 10/19/23

1. Read

  1. History of US Chapter 29-33, pgs 126-147.

2. Book Bomb parts 1&2, pgs 1-87

2. Watch

1. YouTube

World War II: Crash Course European History

World War II Part 1: Crash Course US History

3. Writing

Select an American hero from World War II to do a presentation and written summary. The hero does not have to be well-known. However, you need to be able to find at least three sources about them either online or in print.

Your summary and presentation will be due November 2.

This week, your assignment is to find the sources that you will reference and to create a Works Cited page for those references.

  1. Watch this video on what the difference is between a Works Cited page and a Bibliography. Pay particular attention to the formatting instructions.

2. Research your American WWII hero and find sources that you want to use.

You need at least THREE sources. One source must be a printed source (book, magazine, etc). Be sure to bookmark any online your sites so you can find them later!

3. Create a Works Cited page from those sources. (Remember, you DO NOT need to do key notes or paragraphs yet!)

Use https://www.scribbr.com/mla-citation-generator/ to create your citations. (NOTE: You may have to do additional research to sometimes find the necessary information for websites.)

When you are done, your paper should look like THIS sample we handed out in class.

4. Handwrite your name at the top of your Works Cited page so we know it is yours. (Yes, this is one time where you are allowed to!)

Help finding the publication date of an online sources

If you have trouble finding the date a webpage was published, this article maybe helpful.

Last resort, you can use this website to determine the first time a particular page was created.

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