Week 16 Homework – 3/3/22

1. Read

  1. History of US – (Book 10)
    Ch 29, 137-143

2. Most Dangerous: Daniel Ellsberg and the Secret History of the Vietnam War
Part 2: pgs 119-214

2. Watch

Movie: On the Basis of Sex

This movie does a great job of portraying a key point in Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s life. She later become the second women to become a member of the Supreme Court. She died in 2020.

YouTube Videos
History of Women’s Rights and the ERA

The following videos take you through the history of Women’s rights, starting in the middle of the 19th Century up to history that just happened in 2021. We will be doing several activities in class related to this information.

It will take you about 60 minutes to watch all of these videos. There is also a statement to read from 1978 from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints regarding the church’s stance ERA. The church reconfirmed their stance in 2019.

Reading Break

Before you watch the rest of the videos, please read the statement by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints from 1978.


Current History

In 1919, bills were introduced in several states to become the 38th state to ratify the ERA. Utah was one of them. The vote in Utah did not pass.

This video is a news report while the bill was being debated.

NOTE: As you watch, notice that several women from Big Ocean speak out against the bill. Big Ocean is a non-profit run by Carolina Allen, an ASA parent. And Grace Garn (also part of Big Ocean) is a former ASA student.

3. Research Paper

Time to start writing your rough draft!

Your first time through will be MESSY. Don’t feel like you have to start at the beginning and write straight through. Use your outline to figure out where you want to start.

You have two weeks to work on this rough draft. We expect you to have at least 6 pages (double spaced) of rough draft material by then.

As you write, don’t forget to make note of where you are pulling your information so that you’ll be able to cite your sources later.

Check out the full research paper schedule.

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