Week 17 Homework – 3/10/22

1. Read

  1. History of US – (Book 10)
    Ch 27-28, 128-136
    Ch 36, 170-178

2. Most Dangerous: Daniel Ellsberg and the Secret History of the Vietnam War
Part 3: pg 215-End

2. Watch

Also, please watch the following videos on avoiding plaigarism.

AND … just for fun … enjoy this sketch. (I’ve previewed it and it’s clean.)

3. Research Paper

Finish writing your messy rough draft.


Here’s the Essay Paper Rubric if you need to reference it or send it to your writing mentor.

As you write, don’t forget to make note of where you are pulling your information so that you’ll be able to cite your sources later.

Check out the full research paper schedule.

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