Week 16 Homework – DUE 2/22/24

1. Read

  1. History of US – (Book 10)
    Ch 19-26, 97-127
    Ch 30-34, 144-164

2. Prepare for Document Study

Next week in class, we will be studying the “I Have a Dream” speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Please watch him give his speech while you read the speech. (This version has been colorized, and the sound has been amplified. The original is in black and white.)

(If you left your printed copy of the speech in class, please print out a new copy for yourself so you can write on it.)

Then reread and annotate the speech. As you read, look for words or sentence structure or repetition that stand out or you think are effective.

When you are finished a second time, consider “Why do you think King’s use of language is effective?”

3. Watch

Movie: Selma (This PG-13 movie contains quite a bit of language and some strong violence. We strongly recommend watching it on VidAngel.)


Documentary: Bridge to Freedom

4. Research Paper

Keep moving forward on your research paper.

If you were able to categorize your notecards and created a working thesis in class, now use your cards to create a full outline.

  • See examples on pgs 19 & 20 and 38 of your curriculum for examples PLUS your two student samples in student packet
  • If you have some cards that no longer fit your thesis, put them aside.
  • You may discover that you are missing information, do NOT make notecards for more articles. Instead, you can do “spot research” to fill in a gap and make one or two more cards. Be sure to keep track of your sources.


If you did not have enough notecards in class, finish making your notecards (100 is about the right amount) and bring them to class to categorize.

  • Review your subjective (how/why) question often. Make sure you are researching the question and not getting side tracked.
  • Focus on quickly finding, reviewing, and then (using ChatGPT) creating your key notes

Bring your laptop to class next week. We will be working on outlining + writing a rough draft in class.

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