Week 15 Homework – DUE 2/15/24

1. Read

  1. History of US – (Book 10)
    Ch 12-16, pgs 64-87

2. Warriors Don’t Cry
Ch 13-End

2. Watch

3. Research Paper

  1. Watch the video below. (Yes, it’s 26 minutes long but I PROMISE it will make everything easier with your research paper. Here’s a link to the Steps to Writing a Research Paper that I’m referencing.
  2. Create ALL of your key note cards/sticky notes. Be sure to number or color-code your cards.
  3. Bring your stack of notes to class. (If you feel ready to move on to outlining in addition to this assignment, great! But otherwise, this is the homework this week.)

You will probably have approximately 100 cards/stickies if you do this assignment correctly.


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