Week 4 Homework – following 9/28/21

1. Read

  1. History of US Chapter 19-25, pgs 92-110.

2. SpeechFDR’s (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) 1st Inaugural Address – Come prepared to do a document study on the speech.

3. Articles – 2 articles on leading during a crisis:

5 Leadership Lessons from President Hoover and the Great Depression

Leading in a Crisis

(All readings were handed out in class)

4. Book The Hiding Place Ch 7-11

2. Watch

  1. YouTube – The New Deal: Crash Course US History #34

2. Audio- Listen to at least one FDR Fireside Chat

Link to listen

3. Listen – Listen to two short interviews with people who lived during the Great Depression

Experience 1

Experience 2

3. Writing

Using the 2 articles about leading and communicating during a crisis you read (see links above – also handed out in class): 

1.  Take key notes on both articles. No more than 1 page of key notes per article! (But it’s definitely okay if your notes fill up less than one page for each article.)

2. Write a 2-paragraph summary using your key notes. The summary should be a combination of the information from BOTH articles and should flow together. (Do NOT write 1 paragraph for each article.) It’s okay if you use more information from one article than the other.

3. Include 1 quote in the summary and use MLA intext citation. Your quote should be taken from one of the two articles. (You can include one quote per paragraph, but only one quote for the two paragraphs is required.)

4. Show your key notes AND your paragraphs to your writing mentor and then revise.

5. Print and bring a copy to class of your notes AND your paragraph to turn in.

If you need help knowing how to do in-text citation, see this article as a reference.

This video also reviews how to do MLA in-text citation.

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