Week 2 Homework – 9/14/21

If you haven’t already, please fill out your Writing Mentor information HERE.

1. Timeline

Finish putting your anchor dates figures on your timeline – including new figures that were missing from last week.

2. Read

  1. History of US Chapter 4, pgs 25-28.

2. The 18th Amendment to the Constitution and the 3 articles on interpreting the 18th Amendment. (These were handed out in class.)

3. Read the 21st Amendment to the Constitution
(Also handed out in class.)

3. Article – Was Prohibition a Success or a Failure?

4. Come prepared to discuss the following questions in class:

  • Was Prohibition a success or a failure?
  • Can you legislate morality? 
  • What makes a good law vs a bad law? 
  • Is it okay to break a bad law? 

3. Watch

  1. Ken Burns Prohibition – Episode 3 (approx. 1 1/2 hours)
    Ways to watch:
    1. Subscribe for 1 month to PBS Documentaries Channel w/ Amazon Prime
    2. Rent from the DVDs from the Library
    3. Buy DVD

NOTE: There is a short section that is a little “iffy” – even for older students. It specifically discusses how women (and men) became more promiscuous during the 1920s, and there are several images shown which are fairly risqué. Some aspects of sex are also mentioned. If you want to skip this part (or parents want to preview before watching), it is 34:42 to 38:56 of the documentary.

4. Writing

  1. Read the 3 commentary articles on the 18th amendment (above). Create key notes for all three articles. Bring 1 copy of your keynotes for the 3 articles to class to turn in.

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