Week 11 Homework – 11/18/21

It’s WINTERIM! Enjoy your holidays and this longer break.

1. Read

  1. History of US – (Book 10)
    Ch 1-5, pgs 9-35
    Ch 11, pgs 60-63
    Ch 17-18, pgs 88-96
    Ch 27, pgs 128-132

2. Fallout: Spies, Superbombs, and the Ultimate Cold War Showdown by Steve Sheinkin

2. Watch

Movie: Bridge of Spies – Available to rent on Amazon.
This is a FABULOUS true-story movie that stars Tom Hanks.

3. Listen

Podcast: American History Tellers

Find their 6-part series on the Cold War.

You can find the podcast HERE.

If you are new to the American History Tellers or podcasts in general, once you are on that page, you will need to search for the title “Cold War” to find the episodes that you need to listen to.

4. Research Paper

  1. Print out your question and purpose statement and put it where you can look at it every time you start doing research

2. Begin researching your paper and work on creating your working bibliography.

3. Start creating key notes based on your research.

NOTE: If your paper purpose statement and question are not solidified, continue to email the mentors for clarification during the break until you get it solid! It needs to be approved before you start to do research.

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