Week 0 – Homework Due Before the First Class (2023)

1. Read Treaties, Trenches, Mud and Blood by Nathan Hale

This short graphic novel will give you a great overview of World War I, which is the background starting point of our class.

2. Consider how WWI impacted Europe and the United States.

Read this New York Times Article on World War I.

This short article focuses on what did and did not change following World War I.

Then watch this video about how WWI shifted the US’s role in the world. WWI: Rise of the United States

3. Watch these YouTube videos.

4. Select a cultural topic from the 1920s to do a 5-minute presentation on. 

CLICK HERE to put your name next to the topic you want to do. 

You’ll be doing your presentation the second week of class, and you’ll get more information about the presentation in the first week.

5. Bring the name and email of a Writing Mentor that you will work with throughout the year. 

Your writing mentor will review your writing and give you feedback. First semester, this will only be a few paragraphs most weeks. Second semester, they will help you work on your multi-page research paper.

6. Please get the following books so you are ready to read them throughout the year.

Fall Semester

History of US – Book 9 

Treaties, Trenches, Mud and Blood by Nathan Hale (due on the first day of class)

The Hiding Place



Winter Semester

History of US – Book 10


Warriors Don’t Cry

Most Dangerous

Ground Zero

(Here’s the link if you want to buy the entire series of History of US combined.

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