Week 5 Homework – 9/30/21

1. Read

  1. History of US Chapter 26-27, pgs 111-123.

2. Book The Hiding Place Ch 12-end

2. Watch

  1. Watch Lesson Plan

Either rent on Amazon (preferred)


Watch the movie adaptation called The Wave on YouTube. (We haven’t watched this version, so we can’t vouch for all the content)

2. YouTube

World War II: How did it start?

World War II Causes

Crash Course European History: Holocaust

3. Writing

Research your assigned dictator.

Following the format of the Churchill paragraph we reviewed in class:

1. Write key notes that answer each of the questions. Note that some answers are only words. Others are a few phrases or sentences.

2. Write 2 paragraphs that summarize your research. Figure out which information you want to include in the first paragraph and which information you want to include in the second paragraph.

You can include a quote if you want, but it is not required.

Use proper paper format when turning everything in.

Show your key notes AND your paragraphs to your writing mentor and then revise.

Print and bring a copy to class of your notes AND your paragraph to turn in.

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