Week 2 Homework – 9/9/21

1. Timeline

Finish putting your anchor dates figures on your timeline – including new figures that were missing from last week.

2. Read

  1. History of US Chapter 4, pgs 25-28.

2. The 18th Amendment to the Constitution and the 3 articles on interpreting the 18th Amendment. (These were handed out in class.)

3. Article – Was Prohibition a Success or a Failure?

4. Come prepared to discuss the following questions in class:

  • Was Prohibition a success or a failure?
  • Can you legislate morality? 
  • What makes a good law vs a bad law? 
  • Is it okay to break a bad law? 

3. Watch

  1. Ken Burns Prohibition – Episode 3 (approx. 1 1/2 hours)
    Ways to watch:
    1. Subscribe for 1 month to PBS Documentaries Channel w/ Amazon Prime
    2. Rent from the DVDs from the Library
    3. Buy DVD

4. Writing

  1. Read the 3 commentary articles on the 18th amendment (above). Create key notes for all three articles. Bring 1 copy of your 3 keynotes to class to turn in.

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