Assignments Overview

Before Week One (9/2):

ReadTreaties, Trenches, Mud & Blood
NYTimes article – War to End All Wars
Watch2 YouTube videos
PrepareTopic for week 2 presentations: Week 2- The Roaring 20’s Topic Sign Up

Before Week 2 (9/9):

ReadA History of US (book 9)
Preface to Chapter 2, pp 9-20
Chapter 8 to 14, pp 41-74
WatchThe Roaring 20’s: Crash Course US History #32
Ken Burns Prohibition- Episode 2
PrepareRoaring 20’s Presentation
List key notes as you research your topic and hand out to the class on 9/9

Before Week 3 (9/16):

ReadA History of US book 9 chapter 4
The 18th Amendment 
3 short interpretation/commentary articles
WatchKen Burns Prohibition- Episode 3
PrepareTake notes on the three commentary articles you read

Before Week 4 (9/23):

ReadA History of US book 9 chapters 15-18
The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom, Chapters 1-6
Causes of the Great Depression article
WatchThe Great Depression: Crash Course US History #33
The Grapes of Wrath (1940)
PrepareTake notes and write a 1 paragraph summary on the Causes of the Great Depression article.

Before Week 5 (9/30): 

ReadA History of US book 9 chapters 19-25
Franklin D. Roosevelt’s inaugural address (1993)
The Hiding Place, chapters 7-11
5 Leadership Lessons article
Leading in a Crisis article
WatchThe New Deal: Crash Course US History #34
FDR’s First Fireside Chat
PrepareTake notes and write a 1-2 paragraph summary about the Leadership Lessons and Leading in a Crisis articles combined (not each article)

Before week 6 (10/7):

ReadA History of US chapters 26-27
The Hiding Place chapters 12-end
Articles about why WWII happened
WatchLesson Plan (Amazon Prime) OR The Wave (YouTube)
Crash Course European History: Holocaust
PrepareResearch assigned dictator & write 2 paragraph summary of information

Before week 7 (10/21):

ReadChapters 29-33 (pp. 126-147)
Bomb Parts 1-2 pp. 1-187
WatchWWII: Crash Course European History
World War II Part 1: Crash Course US History #35
PrepareSelect Hero for Presentation
Find 2-3 sources for Hero (online articles, videos, books etc) – bring list to class in MLA citation style

Before week 8 (10/28):

ReadA History of US chapter 34-37 (pp.148-167)
FDRs 4 Freedoms Speech
Bomb Part 3 pp. 91-138
WatchPodcast: American History Tellers- The WWII Home Front (2 hours)
World War II Part 2 – The Homefront: Crash Course US History #36
PrepareWork on presentationTake key notes on 2-3 sources
Take notes on quotes 

Before week 9 (11/4):

ReadSTART Hiroshima (152 pages total)
Bomb Part 4 (pp. 141-241)
PreparePrepare Presentations
Write 3 paragraph summary of Hero

Before week 10 (11/11):

ReadA History of US chapters 28, 38-43
FINISH Hiroshima
Finish Bomb (if haven’t)
WatchThe Fallen of World War II
PrepareResearch/Preview possible topics research paper topics for next semester
Research viewpoint of assigned A-bomb simulation individual

Before week 11 (11/18):

ReadA History of US (Book 9) Chapters 44
A History of US (Book 10) Chapters 3-5
Information to prep for Yalta Conference simulation
WatchWhat Happened at the Nuremberg Trials
Nuremberg Trial: Films
Berlin Airlift: Extra History
Gail Halverson Interview: Candy Bomber
What was the Marshall Plan?
What Happened in Japan after WW2
PrepareRead – RPWG pg 7-8
Checkpoint 1: Write Purpose Statement
Finish Reflective Art assignment


ReadKorean War Correspondent- Nathan Hale
PrepareCheckpoint 2: Working Bibliography